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Hair Stylist in Coimbatore

Top Hair Stylist in Coimbatore

Whether it is a wedding or any other important day of your life; choosing a right makeup artist and hairstylist in Coimbatore for any occasion is crucial because you’re going to be the center of attraction of the event. We emphasis your makeup and hair should be unique on your big day. Therefore, you need really the best makeup and Hairstylist in Coimbatore who can understand your requirements and provide exceptional service.

However, you don’t need to spend much time in search of the right makeup artist in Coimbatore.  Malathi Shri is one of the renowned makeups and hairstylist in Coimbatore. She is well known by her client for her best Hairstyling services in Coimbatore.  With over years of experience in working with many different traditional weeding and clients, she has a remarkable name in the industry. She works closely with the clients and carefully listens to the client’s ideas and requirements.

Hair Stylist in coimbatoreBest Hair Stylist in Coimbatore

A wedding is the once in a lifetime occasion that you will be cherished for your entire life. Therefore, it is important to look best on your big day.  So you don’t have to take chances in ruining your special day. Malathi Shri Top bridal and Hair Stylist in Coimbatore help brides and bridegrooms to look the best.

Time might fade away but the pictures will never fade away, pictures will hold your memories and cherish it for a lifetime. Malathi Shri helps you to make you look best at those priceless moments of your life. She recognizes that every bride is different and thus she provides services that suit her style and make her look natural and beautiful. We have a perfect combination of makeup recipes. That suits your style and taste, from traditional looks to the freshest and trendy looks.

Best Hair Stylist in Coimbatore provides you with a free trial that features makeup and a professional bridal wardrobe that will help you get dressed in a saree to match perfectly. Our Top hairstylist in Coimbatore promises to make your dreams come true on your big day.


Our bridal Hairstyle services in Coimbatore

Whether this is a simple or classic look you are looking for, Malathi Shri allows you to achieve elegant finishes with a wide variety of eyes and ears. She also provides trendy hairstyles such as a messy updo or a bun with elegant complementary accessories to match your attractions.

Malathi Shri offers hairdressing facilities to models to make them look at their portfolios and also shoots from the catalog. She also offers to make up hairdressing for informal parties and provide fashion options for stage events.

Why choose Malathi Shri Hair Stylist in Coimbatore

Professional artist

You want to look wonderful whether you’re planning for a very special event or just for a night out. Then why rely on friends or part-time people when you deserve the best make-up and hair artist in Coimbatore. Malathi Shri has over years of experience and worked with many clients. Her work has been published in countless print and online media, highlighting her talent and exceptional vision.

beautician in coimbatoreClean equipment

Our tools, appliances, and hands were sanitized very seriously. Malathi Shri Coimbatore hairstylist strictly adheres to the disinfection guidelines and procedures and cleans their tools after that use with antibacterial solutions. It is important to keep in mind the transfer, from tools or artist’s hands, of oils, bacteria, and germs to make-up and your skin. That could lead to outbursts or infections. You needn’t think when you are with us.

Customer-centric Approach

You are unique just like no two snowflakes. Your skin type, color, oily content, and sensitivity must all be taken into account to produce perfect results, as well as hair texture, porosity, tenacity, density, and elasticity. Our best hairstylist in Coimbatore will spend time researching your unique features and recommend a perfect way to create exclusive, natural make-up that enhances your glamorous look.

Affordable Pricing

It’s a myth that you have the fortune to look perfect. Let us show that there are no disadvantages to our very competitive pricing. Do not permit others to mug you off on the day they think that you’re going to pay whatever they demand to look your best.

Door Step Services

We emphasize the busy schedule of our customers. We more than pleased to offer our services not only in our studio but also at your place. Our hair designers in Coimbatore are always willing to help you as long as you enjoy the comfort of your home or office and appreciate the time you have spent traveling to the studio.